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We welcome enquiries from all age groups, and skill levels. We invite potential members – youth or adult – to get in touch, discuss your objectives, and then set a date to come along for a paddle to meet other members and get a better idea of what we do. If the club fits then we ask that you join up, and pay the membership fee (below). This fee covers all the evening and weekend trips from Riverside centre, and all the coaching. For events like the swimming pool sessions and white water centre trips we charge at cost, and members will also share things like petrol expenses. Interested? Email the secretary, have a chat, and come along and enjoy some paddling.

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We are located at the Riverside Centre, Donnington Bridge Rd, Cowley, Oxford OX4 4AZ

Annual Membership is £110 for adults and £55 for youth, membership year starts 1st April. Half year rates apply from 1st September

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