Canoe Paddle Strokes

These quick reference cards are copies of ones developed by Bill Lodge and published by the BCU – kindly provided by Jed. The image explains the drawing symbols – note that the paddler’s is facing in the direction of the arrow drawn on their head (ie to the top right of your screen) …. No copyright infringement intended.

Forward Paddling Strokes

The J stroke – one that you will use most of the time
The C stroke – some extra steerage useful in wind etc
The Indian Stroke – a mix of elegance and beauty
Knifing J Stroke

Turning Strokes

Sweep Stroke
Inside Pivot Turn
Outside Pivot Turn

Moving Sideways Strokes

Basic Draw
Sculling Draw
Cut (including Bow Cut)

Reverse Strokes

Backwater Stroke
Reverse Jed
Reverse J (not really effective!)